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To create an interior that suits your needs, we are going to ask you a few questions. It will only take you a few minutes.

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Don't worry, if any points are unclear, we will contact you after your order
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If in doubt, do not hesitate to go back to validate your choices. Once the pack has been added to the basket, you will not be able to modify them.

Thank you for taking some time to fill out our form. In case of problem, doubt, need for modification, you can always contact us. But the best is of course to select your preferences well at the start.

Online interior design service : Silver Pack

Pack Silver

  • A 2D layout plan
  • 3D views of your new home
  • A shopping inspiration list

CHF 245.00

Gift Card

Offer a tailor-made decoration online! Participate with CHF 50.00 or CHF 100.00, or directly order the equivalent of a Silver Pack (CHF 195.00) or a Gold Pack (CHF 245.00).

You can also manually enter the amount.

CHF 50.00CHF 245.00

Pack Gold

  • A 3D layout plan
  • High resolution3D views
  • A 360°view
  • The shopping list of your project

CHF 295.00

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