How does it work?

Take our questionnaire

You need your phone and only 5 minutes to answer it. The questions are very simple and they will allow us to know more about your desires, tastes, as well as your needs.

For example, what is your style? What tone, what atmosphere do you want to give to your interior? Of course, you can also let us surprise you.

Once you have completed the questionnaire, you can proceed to payment, by bank transfer or credit card.

After the order, you will still have to send us 1-2 photos and the plans / dimensions of your room, and we will be ready to assemble your custom decorating book!

Receive your decoration book

Once you have finalized your order with photos and dimensions of the piece, the Kalyko team gets to work.

Our goal: to send you your decoration book within 7 days!

Based on your preferences, dimensions and photos, we will create 2D or 3D plans of your interior.

Depending on the package chosen, we will then create simple or photorealistic 3D projections of your new decor.

We will complete your book with shopping inspiration, or even a complete shopping list of items you need to get your dream home.

It's up to you!

The goal of our decoration book is to give you as much value as a custom decorating service, online, and in a few minutes.

That’s why we want you to be able to create your new decor quickly and easily with this book in hand.

Thanks to the inspirations or shopping list, you will be able to get your materials, furniture and decoration objects.

And with the help of plans and 3D views created to measure for your interior, you will only have to arrange your room according to the recommendations of professionals in the field!

Send us pictures

That’s it, you’ve finished your decorating by following our advice, plans and recommendations, you now live in a new home.

All you have to do is enjoy it and make the most of it

Since we already know that you will be very, very happy with it, don’t hesitate to share your masterpiece with us by sending us pictures of your new interior.

We will gladly add them to our client achievements page!

What is in your decoration book?

Silver pack

  • A 2D layout plan
  • 3D views of your new home
  • A shopping inspiration list
2D layout plan
3D views of your new home
An inspiration list

Gold Pack

  • A 3D layout plan
  • High resolution 3D views
  • A 360° view
  • The shopping list of your project
2D layout plan
High resolution 3D views
360° view
The shopping list of your project

Start decorating!

Online interior design service: Gold Pack

Pack Gold

  • A 3D layout plan
  • High resolution3D views
  • A 360°view
  • The shopping list of your project
CHF 295.00
Online interior design service : Silver Pack

Pack Silver

  • A 2D layout plan
  • 3D views of your new home
  • A shopping inspiration list
CHF 245.00

Offer a gift card

Offer a tailor-made decoration to your loved ones with our Kalyko gift card. Set the amount of the card yourself and offer your loved ones the interior of their dreams! !